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Okay so it's not THE HOLY GRAIL, but it is still hand painted. If you are reading this I am sure you are already aware of the recent sale of THE WHITE STRIPES BRILLIANT 2nd single "LAFAYETTE BLUES" hand painted by yours truly, Dave Buick, for enough money ( $18,000 ) to buy and restore a house here in my beloved city, Detroit. If you are not just google it there is a bunch of stuff out there. Well heres the deal you can get any of the records i have listed here or on ebay hand painted by me. You can give me ideas of how you want it to look or i will just do it on my own. I will use nice heavy duty cardboard folded over just like Jack and I did way back in '98. You will get the record, the regular cover and your one of a kind Dave Italy hand painted cover. I will also take photos of each one and archive them on the Italy Records website with or without the owners name ( owners choice). I will run this incredible offer for awhile allowing you the chance to get a wonderful little record that one day might just put your kid through college or get you and yours that new spaceship you guys been wanting. The more of these little guys that sell the more new Italy Records I can get out there for you. Thanks for looking. check out all my other stuff too! Please allow a couple weeks for hand painting.